Boost offers denial review services to help you accelerate cash and accurately forecast receivables.


We work to improve overall revenue by achieving payer reimbursement through denial resolution, identifying root cause denial issues, and suggesting permanent solutions to functional defects that cause denials.

Boost appeal experts will work alongside internal teams to provide detailed appeals for wrongly denied claims and help you recover what is rightfully yours.  We become a dedicated partner to you organization providing a customized plan including recovery and education reducing future financial risk.


• Review and analyze accounts and payer trends to identify and report root cause analysis
• Assess and organize denials based on type, department, issue and required intervention
• Report by compiling findings for trend analysis
• Ongoing education and process improvements to prevent future denials

Boost Healthcare provides revenue recovery  and payer contracting services for providers so they can focus on the

patient experience and quality of care and let us reduce administrative burden and help drive their bottom line.                               © 2020 Boost Healthcare