Ensuring you are reimbursed correctly for claims at negotiated rates is essential for the financial health of your organization.


Even with the best processes in place, most providers leave 1% - 5% of net revenue on the table. Boost specializes in working with your internal teams and processes to identify and recover this opportunity in zero-balance and denied claims.

What sets Boost apart is our ability to independently price claims and validate balances. We also provide detailed claims data summarizing the number of claims and dollars assigned, as well as the collection and write-off percentages. We summarize the root cause of the delayed payment or write-off to better help your staff moving forward.



We utilize technology and top talent to identify sources of lost revenue for healthcare providers.


We work closely with clients to recover revenue from both commercial and government payers.



We provide in-depth analysis to prevent future denials and underpayments and improve overall business performance.


Boost Healthcare provides revenue recovery  and payer contracting services for providers so they can focus on the

patient experience and quality of care and let us reduce administrative burden and help drive their bottom line.                               © 2020 Boost Healthcare