Denials Recovery & Remediation

Overturn Denials,
Capture Revenue

The complete solution that doesn’t stop at overturning denials – we work closely with you to resolve preventable denials.

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Overturn Denials

Recover earned, but inappropriately denied revenue before it’s too late.

Optimize Resources

Revenue cycle teams are stretched, don’t let your team get bogged down in the deluge of denials.

Reduce Write-Offs

Eliminate premature write-offs and reduce overall adjustments with expert-driven denials process.

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Intelligent Denials Recovery

With our dedicated denials experts, your denials are analyzed, prioritized, and appropriately pursued for reimbursement.

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Flexibility That Scales

Whether immediately following receipt of a denial or some time thereafter, our denials experts are ready to join your team in pursuit of recovering earned revenue.

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Denials Resolution & Prevention

With denials persisting, why not eliminate preventable denials? Our actionable reporting and detailed root-cause analysis pinpoint process improvement opportunities while providing leverage for upcoming payer negotiations.

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How it works

Our Denials Recovery Process

Analyze & Prioritize

Analyze and prioritize denials based on type, department, and issue.

Overturn & Recover

With our denials recovery experts, professionally overturn and recover denied revenue.

Actionable Reporting

With actionable reporting, understand why and where denials occurred.

Ongoing Education

We provide ongoing education to help you understand how to eliminate preventable denials.

Ready for a Boost?

Schedule time with our experts – together, we’ll develop a game plan for tackling your denials.

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Recover Denied Revenue
Eliminate Preventable Denials
Prioritize & Optimize Revenue Cycle Resources
Why Boost Healthcare

Denials Recovery Done Right

Strategic Prioritization

After analyzing 100% of your denials, we strategically prioritize to maximize your recoveries so no denial is neglected.

Payer Familiarity

We have a proven track record of overturning the denied and recovering the unexpected.

Expert Recovery

Our denials recovery experts handle everything – freeing your staff to focus on higher-yielding accounts.

Dedicated Team

Because each healthcare provider is unique, we don't commingle or pool together claims from multiple clients. You are assigned a dedicated team that operates as an extension of your own.