Payment Variance Recovery

Convert Open Variances to Cash

Don’t let open variances bog your team down or go under-worked, let our underpayment recovery experts maximize your recoveries.

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Improve Margins

With margins under attack, prioritize resources and let us fight for these difficult dollars.

Maximize Resources

Revenue cycle teams are stretched, don’t let your calculated variances bog your team down.

Optimize Variances

Don’t waste resources on false positive variances, we will optimize your variance calculations.

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Your Payment Variances, Recovered by Our Experts

Boost Healthcare's recovery experts work as an extension of your team to recover known payment variances that are uncollected and aging into despair.

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Payment Variance Recovery

Even with the best programmed Expected Payment Calculator, most providers do not have adequate resources to pursue all identified variances, leaving many variances uncollected. Boost Healthcare specializes in verifying identified payment variances and relentlessly working with payers on your behalf to recover underpaid revenue.

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Prevent Underpayments, Reduce False Positives

Protect future revenue by knowing the root causes of your underpayments. Optimize work queues by reducing false positives that slow your team’s progress.

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How it works

Our Payment Variance Recovery Process

Verify Payment Variances

We verify your payment variances to identify opportunities to eliminate false positives clogging your work queues.

Recover Uncollected Revenue

We prioritize your variances and relentlessly pursue for appropriate reimbursement.

Optimize Payment Variances

Protect future margins by eliminating the false positives and preventable underpayments that distract your team.

Ready for a boost?

Schedule time with our experts – together, we’ll develop a game plan for recovering your underpaid revenue.

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Verify & Recover Payment Variances
Prevent False Positive Variances
Prioritize & Optimize Revenue Cycle Resources
Why Boost Healthcare

Payment Variance Recovery Done Right

Variances Prioritized

Leverage our underpayment recovery experts to prioritize these more difficult claims. We embrace the challenge!

Payer Familiarity

We have a proven track record of recovering the more difficult and unexpected. In fact, 80% of our verified underpayments are paid within 60-days.

Expertly Recovered

By prioritizing these more difficult claims, we help you maximize your recoveries before they age into an unrecoverable status.

Dedicated Team

Because each healthcare provider is unique, we don't commingle or pool together claims from multiple clients – you are assigned a dedicated team that operates as an extension of your own.