No Surprises Act Negotiations & Recovery

Negotiate NSA Claims, Maximize Reimbursement

Resolve your under-reimbursed NSA claims within the 30-day open negotiation window using our expert negotiators.

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Increase Margins

With margins under attack, healthcare providers must fight for appropriate reimbursement – don’t let NSA claims erode your margins.

Optimize Resources

Revenue cycle teams are stretched, let our expert negotiators prioritize and own the resolution process on your behalf.

Capture More Revenue

Recover your rightfully earned, but under-reimbursed claims for emergency and out-of-network services.

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Your Dedicated NSA Resolution Partner

With NSA claims often being missed or overlooked before the 30-day window closes, our dedicated team of experts help you build and operationalize a framework for success.

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Every NSA Claim,
Expertly Negotiated

With our expert negotiators, you maximize reimbursement for these services and do not accept unfair reimbursement that’s below your average contracted rate.

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How it works

Our NSA Resolution & Recovery Process

Operationalize Identification Process

We help you operationalize an identification process to fight under-reimbursed NSA claims.

Negotiate Timely

We prioritize your aging NSA claims by responding within unfair payer timelines.

Maximize Reimbursement

Experienced negotiators work diligently to maximize the reimbursement for NSA claims.

Ready for a Boost?

Schedule time with our experts – together, we’ll develop an NSA resolution game plan.

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Formalize & Operationalize NSA Framework
Negotiate Timely for Maximum Reimbursement
Prioritize & Optimize Revenue Cycle Resources
Why Boost Healthcare

NSA Negotiations
Done Right

No NSA Claim Neglected

With our proven framework, we identify and respond timely to payers – preserving your right to more reimbursement.

Payer Familiarity

We have a proven track record for recovering the unexpected, let our experts maximize your revenue for impacted claims.

Expert Resolution

Our experts handle everything within your approval guidelines, freeing your staff to refocus on higher-yielding accounts and initiatives.

Dedicated Team

Because every healthcare provider is unique, we don’t commingle or pool together claims from multiple clients. We assign a dedicated team of experts that operate as an extension of your team.