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Current Open Positions

Position Title                                                 

Follow Up Representative                                            

Revenue Recovery Specialist                                             

Healthcare Claims Analyst                                                  



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Words From Our Team Members

Boost has provided me with a team of intelligent, caring and inspiring coworkers that support me in and outside of work. I am excited to work each and every day knowing that I have an impact in the healthcare space and I am achieving personal growth every day.

Brooke , Senior Consultant

My experience at Boost has helped me develop my understanding of the healthcare industry while giving me the skills to make an impact on our client's bottom line. From negotiating contracts with various stakeholders to assessing ROI for potential mergers and acquisitions, Boost has exposed me to all sorts projects that will prove invaluable throughout my career.

Victor, Supervisor

Being an intern at Boost Healthcare really put me in a position to excel professionally. As someone without lengthy work experience, I was so fortunate to be given the responsibility and trust of managing projects and working directly with clients. Boost also showed dedication to the educational aspect of my internship. I was able to experience virtually all aspects of the business which as a student is truly valuable. Finally, I cannot leave out how fun and professional everyone is; the company is young and energetic making every day enjoyable.

 Alexander, Intern 2021

My decision to pursue a career with Boost Healthcare was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I am surrounded by brilliant minds that are all working towards a common goal! Being part of this team is inspiring, challenging and fulfilling. Boost Healthcare is a company that cares about you as an employee but also as a person, this isn't just a company it's a family.

Sarah, Revenue Recovery Specialist

Why Boost Healthcare

Boost is defined by our insistence on providing our clients with thorough service and unparalleled guidance. All of our team members are charged with bringing creativity, honesty, and intellectual rigor to their responsibilities.  We have a collaborative culture and focus on employee driven continual improvements. 


We strongly believe that people, our employees, drive the success of our company. We strive to create a collaborative and team-based culture with the ultimate goal of both individual and company success in mind.  A challenging and growth-based environment combined with financially rewarding opportunities is the foundation of our success. 

As a member of our team at Boost, you will gain firsthand experience working with healthcare professionals on major business sustainability issues. Team members are assigned to projects based on past experience as well as professional interests, and work together on the revenue recovery process from start to finish. 


We are looking for motivated individuals with critical thinking skills and a drive to succeed in the ever changing healthcare industry. If you are looking for a career rather than a job, if you are looking for growth and development, if you desire career advancement, apply now and discover the many benefits of being part of Boost Healthcare.

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